Brehon Law Project: Related Documents


Advocates of Ancient Law, by Medb Ruane. Thursday, April 30, 1998 ©Irish Times.

Burren Law School 2000

Burren Millenium Project Application

Dedication: Saint Laurence ”'Toole and the Windsor Treaty of October 6, 1175.

De Valera's Visit to Florida in 1920. Times-Union, March 22, 1998.

John Fitzgearld Kennedy: Speech to Irish Parliament, June 28, 1963

Magna Charta Hiberniae, 1216. The Magna Charta of Ireland.

Revisionism in Irish Historical Writing. Lecture by P.B. Ellis, (1989). [E Text]

The Treaty of Windsor, 1175, between Henry II and Rory O'Conor, High King.

Untilled Fields of Irish History. Lecture by P.B. Ellis. (1998).




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